Masterclass In AI-based Pharma Marketing I Press Release

Press Release | Delhi | 27th December 2022

PharmaState Academy, a pharmaceutical industry learning, development platform, hosted an insightful webinar for leaders, managers, marketers, entrepreneurs, analysts, and regulators in the pharmaceutical industry. The webinar was also intriguing for medical/pharma freshers, healthcare/pharma management students, and everyone in between interested in the pharma ecosystem. PharmaState Academy and Multiplier AI partnered to bring a live interactive masterclass on AI-based Pharma Marketing, that contributed to people’s understanding of the spectacular use of AI with respect to doctor profiling and segmentation to support sales and business growth.

As the dynamics of the pharma market are changing, pharma companies need to adopt newer technologies to stay on par with their competitors. Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science that helps mimic human intelligence in machines. AI finds its application in almost all fields including pharmacy and healthcare. It is capable of transforming the face of healthcare straight from drug discovery and development to its sales and marketing. 

Vikram Kumar (CEO, Multiplier AI), Rinkesh Shah (Head of Digital Transformation, Mankind), and Sita Kalluri (Former Associate Director, Digital Transformation, Cipla) presided over this webinar as the speakers. Dr. Swati Sinha, the moderator, welcomed the speakers and the spectators to the discussion.

The webinar witnessed the participation of the pharmaState academy team, the team of Multiplier AI, and the audience comprising people from different fields of the pharmaceutical sector. A good number of freshers and entry-level professionals from the industry took part in the webinar too.

The webinar observed the active participation of more than a thousand people. Apart from the meeting, it also went live on our social media channels like LinkedIn and youtube which again witnessed a lot of viewer engagement. 

Our speakers gave a highly engaging and insightful discourse on the subject. Mr. Vikram Kumar explained the meaning of technical jargon used frequently these days like Artificial intelligence, machine learning (ML), and deep learning. He also gave a deeper overview of the services available for data profiling of doctors and the AI-based WhatsApp physician campaign engine.

Mr. Rinkesh Shah mentioned that not much has changed in the digital world post-covid. Since digitization is the need of the hour, people were, are, and will be continuing to adopt the newer technologies and exploit them to achieve desired outcomes provided they keep their objectives clear. Moreover, Ms. Sita Kalluri talked about AI as a wonderful tool for collating data, transforming, and recognizing trends and patterns to obtain valuable insights from them. The only condition is that the data needs to be good. She also touched on some other topics related to data handling and how a company can cut through the noise to build a differentiated voice in an undifferentiated market.

Toward the end of the session, the viewers were able to clear their doubts related to the subject by asking questions that were taken up and answered by our experienced speakers. The webinar addressed the needs of the present and future in pharma sales and marketing and illuminated the application of artificial intelligence to achieve business excellence.

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