Why Medical Representative (MR) Job Is A Great Career Option

In today’s competitive world the youth certainly needs two things on priority for the future. The first is clarity and the second is directions; particularly the educated youth. Because the moment you finish your education that is the start line for your real challenge in the real world. An uneducated youth can start any occupation at any age and can easily earn the livelihood with that. But in case of an educated youth he/she needs to justify and utilize the investment of 14-15 years in the schools and colleges. Therefore they certainly deserve a profession with the career instead an occupation in the form of a job. With this understanding consider the point of view of starting career as a Medical Representative in the Sales & Marketing department of pharmaceutical industry.

My dear graduates most of you have done your graduation without any specific direction or plan in mind. Some of you did it because something was to be done. Some of you did because it was decided by your parents. Whereas some of you did because of your close friends’ group was going to do so. And you never wanted to miss that beautiful paradise of your friend circle. So while investing your precious 5 to 6 years of career shaping, you never realized the essence of this investment. But after investing those valuable years in studies you are standing at Ground Zero to find out from where to start.  Had it been proper career guidance available for you then probably you would have opted for a meaningful course for yourself. But in the absence of that you just invested (wasted) your valuable 5 to 6 years. Now you only will have to decide for a damage control without wasting any further time in just trying to find out a mere job which may give you livelihood but not the liveliness. So why not to sit and think about yourself, your strengths and take up a challenge to start your career as a medical representative in the Pharmaceutical industry, which is a non recessing ever growing industry on the earth. And the career is the rewarding one purely on the basis of performance, without asking you the unwanted credentials or the length of service.

So, friends after graduation when you are finding it difficult to select the rout of liveliness along with livelihood in life. As you are at the age of maturity and don’t want to further burden to your parents even for the fees of competitive/entrance exam; wish to be self dependent. This Medical Representative Career Building Program may be of great help to you to live your dreams.

Therefore instead of trying your hands in various job options /competitive examinations for which you had never studied or prepared; start your colorful, challenging career and establish yourself in the society and profession by the time your other classmates are still appearing in competitive examinations.

Be a winner. So, what if you were a backbencher in your class. We are here to prepare you as a front runner.

Author: Mahendra S. Bisht

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