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What Salary Do Medical Representatives Earn In India?

Medical Representative Salary in Indian Pharma Industry (Survey no. – PSS/140819003)

Why we conducted this survey?

Medical representative is the face of the pharmaceutical companies & the key point of contact between pharma company & health care professionals. Medical Representative regularly meet doctors for promotion and prescription of pharmaceutical products.

Field forces are important in the Rs. 1.4 trillion Indian Pharma market. If you do well in this field it is a ladder to become the CEO of the pharma company.

After completing B.Pharm / D. Pharm / B.Sc/ PharmD or other Life-sciences degree or diploma, if you feel that you have a knack for sales, you can start your career as a Medical Representative. Both International MNCs and Indian pharmaceutical companies hire many medical representatives to cover as many as doctors in every nook and corner of the country.

To know how you can become an MR in a Pharma company you can read our blog post on How to become a Medical Representative.

Before entering the profession, its always good to know about the salary structure, career growth options available with the industry but the information or data is not available in ample right now. So, PharmaState Academy conducted a survey to bring out this information for professionals who want to join the Pharma sales as their career path & Medical Representative is the entry level for this high growth industry.

A total of 1047 pharma professionals participated in it. Their responses, placed in the context of medical representatives, helped us to show a true picture of medical representative salary in India.

Survey Access Link: Medical Representative Salary in Indian Pharma Industry

1. How much salary does a medical rep make in India?

In this survey, 65.0 percent of respondents reported being underpaid, with 28. 2 percent responded they are getting a salary as per the industry standard, and only 1.2 percent of respondents reported overpaid. But 5.7 per cent of respondents had no idea about the pay scale for medical representatives. 

2. Do you think there is a significant difference in Medical Representative Salary given by International MNCs and Indian MNCs?

73.3 percent of respondents revealed more than 20 percent in pay scale set by International MNCs and Indian Pharmaceutical companies, while 13.0 percent also indicated a difference but, it was less than 20 percent. And, 8.8 percent of respondents didn’t know about the difference between salaries provided by International MNCs and Indian pharma companies.

3. How much salary (per month) do Indian Pharma companies give to a fresher medical representative?

4.0 percent of respondents reported a salary of more than Rs 25000 per month for a fresher medical representative. In addition to this, 15.3 percent of those surveyed had a salary between Rs 15000 and Rs 25000 monthly, with 56.3 percent, between Rs 10000 to 15000 and 24.4 percent of respondents indicated salary was even lower than Rs 10000.

4. What is the salary range (per month) for 3 years Experienced Medical Representative In Indian Pharma?

5.1 percent of respondents said that the salary for 3 years experienced medical rep was above 40000 per month. Alongside this, 14.0 percent reported salaries between Rs 30000 to 40000. Furthermore, 40.0 percent said that it was between Rs 20000-30000 and 40.9 percent said Rs 10000-20000.

5. How much is the Salary Increment for Medical Rep if the company is changed for same role?

As per the Survey result, just 10.6 percent of respondents reported less than a 5 percent increment. There was very little difference between those who said the increment was between 5 to 10 percent increment and between 11 to 20 percent.

It was 37.9 percent for 5 to 10 percent increment and 34.9 percent for 11 to 20 percent increment.

Additionally, 16.6 percent of the surveyed indicated more than 20 percent.

6. After how many years a Medical Sales Representative is promoted to an ASM role?

The majority of the respondents said promotion comes after having more than 4 years of experience, with 20. 3 percent stated 3 years, 19.0 percent mentioned 4 years and 5. 1 percent of those we surveyed expect the promotion following 2 years of work-ex.

7. How much is the increment for Medical Representative if promoted to Area Business Manager role?

30.9 percent of respondents reported an increase between 21 to 30 percent, with almost 42.5 percent seeing an increase of 10 to 20 percent. 13. 4 percent of those who reported increment said their salaries were raised by over 30 percent but 13.2 percent also indicated less than 10 percent raise.

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