Pharma can rescue HCPs from Information Overload

Event UpdateDelhi 4th Dec 2021

PharmaState Academy a Learning and Development platform for the pharma industry in collaboration with Taylor & Francis Group hosted a webinar in the first week of December 2021 on “Learn New Digital Approaches for Engaging HCPs”.

The first session of this topic took place at 4 PM IST with speakers: Salil Kallianpur, Professor and Visiting Faculty at NMIMS and Dr. Karthik Anantharaman, COO, Roche.

The organizers were able to organize the discussion as per the topic with a focus on publications.

Salil Kallianpur welcomed the event by saying pharma thinks of itself as the harbinger of information but unfortunately what happens is that doctors have to spend a lot of other time reading correspondence reviewing medical articles and journals and consulting with other healthcare practitioners.

Attendees also heard valuable information and inputs from Dr. Karthik Anantharaman, COO, Roche. He also highlighted that India’s contribution to global literature is less than 1%.

The speakers provided the audience with a practical approach to engage with healthcare professionals, including helping them in their literature, microsite, search Engine Optimization (SEO).

This webinar highlighted the commitment of healthcare professionals and the pharma industry for the betterment of society, how it served even in the crisis like the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic.

Pharma professionals from across the world will hear also from other speakers in the coming weeks to understand the challenges and solutions of engaging with HCPs digitally.

The webinar had covered:

  • Importance of Digital Approach.
  • Digital approaches for pharma professionals to connect with healthcare professionals.
  • Multichannel strategies to increase reach.

What will you learn:

– Opportunity for Pharma Professionals to be the gatekeeper of credible information.

– There’s a lot to do in media kits. You can make the most out of it.

– HCPs still believe in a few. Know how you can be that one.

*The webucation program is available as a Free course (can be made paid anytime) & can be accessed Here.

Note: Once you enroll to the course and complete it, you will be able to download the certificate too.

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