Pharmaceutical Industry – Filling the Skill Gap

Pharmaceutical Industry in India is an ever growing and never dying industry and is capable to survive all periods of recession. The industry shall expand at a CAGR of 22.4% between 2015 -20 to reach a robust USD 55 billion. India’s Pharmaceutical exports stood at USD 17.27 during 2017-2018. In order to sustain and maintain the growth process the industry requires highly skilled work-force. The dilemma had been that the industry had been hiring Pharmacy graduates and post graduates who understand the pharma science but do not understand management. On the other hand, If the industry hires Management graduates they do not understand pharma science. The skill deficit always remained. Hence a tailor-made course for the industry was required since long. It is heartening that the academia has woken up to the fact and have of late designed integrated courses on pharmaceutical management. They have merged both pharma science and management in their five-year course which the candidate can pursue after his 10 + 2. The feel of the industry is given during the course itself by providing internship training in the real industry. Any candidate desiring to make a career in pharma industry must take this route for a head start to his/her career. The course is now offered by all leading Universities across the country. Depending upon the candidate’s interest his skills are honed up in Pharma marketing, production, product management, product development, quality assurance, quality control, PPIC, Warehouse management, HR, R&D etc.

Yash Khetarpal
C.E.O – Vidhyasha Pharmaceuticals

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