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PharmaState Academy Applies the Zeigarnik Effect!

Written by: Vivek Hattangadi

The Zeigarnik Effect is currently making furious rounds in social media. 

PharmaState Academy has evolved a new learning system from the Zeigarnik Effect. 

PharmaState Academy which is a continuous learning academy has evolved the VAKO System of Learning derived from the original VAK (Visual-Audio-Kinesthetic) Learning System.

Has this ever happened to you? 

I am on the way to conducting a brand manager’s workshop. Just before breakfast, I put my car keys in the hip pocket

After a delicious breakfast, I completely forget where I have kept the keys to my car and desperately search all over the house. “I am getting late,” I tell my wife, “Let me call a Uber cab”. 

“But Uber may take another 7-10 minutes and do you have time for that? I shall find it out for you in less than a minute.” 

She comes near and, I think I know what she is up to. I snap, “Forget it. We aren’t newly married.” Yet she dares come near me, puts her hands in the hip pocket of my trousers, and pulls out the keys. 

I am embarrassed.  

Why does this happen?  It’s the Zeigarnik Effect! 

Bluma Zeigarnik, a Russian psychologist, has done research on this.  Her research showed how your brain tends to work. When a task is completed, your brain hits the delete button. You remember unfinished or interrupted tasks better than completed tasks.

And your memory gets wiped clean.

Your short-term memory struggles with the time-space to retain information. So it keeps only the unfinished tasks alive. And the minute a task is completed, it hits the delete button.

And this is exactly what happens in the L&D programs of many pharma companies. 

In conventional L&D programs, the moment the educators and the learners step out of the training hall, the educator forgets the learners; as his task of training is now over. 

The learner also forgets what is learned – and the whole L&D program is a waste. 

How PharmaState Academy applies the Zeigarnik Effect

While the educators at PharmaState Academy apply the VAK Learning System (The Visual-Audio-Kinesthetic Learning System), it has now evolved the cVAKO-Learning-System in its physical L&D modules. 

What is that cVAKO-Learning-System?

• continuous 

• Audio 

• Visual 

• Kinesthetic

• Online  

And what is that Online Learning System?  The educators remember all the participants’ names, e-mail id’s, and messaging system numbers. 

Within three days, the Online Learning System is switched on. 

The learners receive a continuous stream of mini-bytes and podcasts customized to the client. The learners can access these while waiting for a call at a doctor’s chamber, at the airports during delayed take-offs, or even during train journeys and flights! 

In addition, the learners have 24X7X12 access to the educators. 

We at PharmaState Academy walk our talk that learning is perpetual to process. It does not end. Learning and Development activity continues perpetually for those who opt for it.

L&D doesn’t end when you interact with PharmaState Academy.