Philip Kotler & Co-authors on the Book Discussion ‘H2H MARKETING: THE GENESIS OF HUMAN-TO-HUMAN MARKETING’ at PharmaState academy

The Grand Guru of Marketing Prof. Philip Kotler speaking during the event.

On 30th May 2021, PharmaState Academy, online learning & development platform for the Lifesciences Industries professionals, organized a webucational program on H2H Marketing. Over 6000 professionals participated in this event.

This webucational program treated the audience who were mainly from the pharma space to the historic e-discussions on the book “H2H MARKETING: THE GENESIS OF HUMAN TO HUMAN MARKETING”.

The Grand Guru of Marketing, Prof. Philip Kotler, along with his co-authors Prof. Waldemar Pfoertsch and Prof. Uwe Sponholz led the discussions which went on for close to three hours.

The authors highlighted the need for human-to-human marketing when the world is getting increasingly dominated by machines. They elaborated on what truly constitutes human integrity in marketing and how through marketing, we can make this world a better place.

Prof Kotler strongly believed that pharma companies in India and the world over can and should use H2H marketing for the benefit of the patients, companies and every other stakeholder. 

The authors along with the industry personnel Pranav Kumar, Prashant Menon and Salil Kallianpur discussed the three pillars Design Thinking, Service-Dominant Logic and Digitalization.

Vivek Hattangadi spoke about Trust being the Foundation of H2H Mindset and why it should start from the top. He further talked about how pharma can have Firms of Endearment.

H2H Marketing will surely disrupt pharma marketing practices. It seamlessly weaves into the patient-centric approach in pharma marketing, the marketing model of the 21st Century.

The program was beautifully moderated by author and writer Gauri Chaudhari and hosted by Dr. Swati Sinha, CEO, PharmaState Academy.

This high value event is also available as course at PharmaState Academy & you can enroll for free by clicking here.

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