Quality Assurance and Quality Control – Basic Difference

Hello Everyone, Here, you will know about the basic difference between Quality Assurance and Quality Control. Before proceeding further, let us see what really means Quality Assurance and Quality Control.

Quality Assurance can be defined as a required intervention in ongoing business processes for achieving the optimum level of quality in products and services. In simple terms, QA consists of required steps and measures to improve business processes to deliver the best class products and services. So that customers always get what they expect.

What lies in Quality Control?

Let us take an example if there is a defect in the size of a shoe which you have recently found in a showroom. Then it’s raising the big question about the quality of that company’s product.

To avoid such situations companies have QC for this.

Quality Control comprises every step and measure which are essential to ensure the top-quality of the product.

You can memorize it like this: QA is a continuous process to weed out the redundant process from the business, and QC focuses on eliminating defects from products.

There is a direct relation between QA and Process. And when we talk about QC, it is in a direct relationship with the product or service.

Here’s an example for you: Background verification of a candidate is QA and the Hiring Process is QC.

There are specific teams for both of these.

In every organization of any industry, the goal of the QA team is to improve and simplify the development process in order to avoid an unwanted outcome. And QC team goal is to fix faults and defects from products before it goes out in the market.

QA enables organizations to prevent quality-related issues in a systematic way. On the other hand, there are techniques in QC which are applied on a regular basis.

In both cases, statistical tools and techniques are applied. When it is applied in QA it is called Statistical Process Control and in QC case it is known as Statistical Quality Control.

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