raise your brand with 10 proven SEO tips

Raise your Brand with 10 proven SEO Tips | Pre-event Press Release

Pre-event Press Release | Delhi | 17th June 2022

“If you’re going to post content on the website anyway, you might as well make sure Google notices your effort.”

SEO, or search engine optimization, is one of the most pertinent aspects of marketing. As a matter of fact, if you’re trying to market your blog or your business, you should understand what SEO is and what the rules and strategies for SEO success are. Furthermore, remember that Search Engine Optimization is a continuous process that doesn’t finish once you’ve published content. Instead, keeping a website relevant and up-to-date by posting new, high-quality content frequently and consistently is equally important.

Although a successful SEO strategy is not an innate skill, and its implementation has been called into question on numerous occasions over the years, understanding the fundamentals is still extremely crucial for an effective marketing campaign. To enhance the learning experience, PharmaState Academy is hosting the third session of its digital tech in pharma series on the topic “Raise your brand online with 10 proven SEO tips.”

“Till now, what has been the speed of Digital Transformation by the Pharma Industry?” PharmaState Academy surveyed participants on the question. With the response of flexing more on option slow rather than fast.

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Another poll asked, “Do you believe Pharma professionals need to learn about digital and its applications in pharma for long-term career growth?” which received 96 percent approval and welcomes the future digital world in pharma.

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Everyone nowadays utilizes search engines to locate what they need, so knowing SEO is an asset that will pay off in the long run. PharmaState Academy survey asks, “What have you done in the last 6 months to embrace digital in pharma?” The online course on digital obtains a favorable reaction, with 44 percent in favor.

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PharmaState Academy survey includes the final poll, “Would you like to attend a live interactive session on Utilizing the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for Pharma Brand growth?” which earned 81 percent positive feedback for the SEO learning webinar.

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As Matt Cutts quotes, “SEO is like a resume. You polish it so you have your best foot forward.

SEO is an ideal way to raise awareness of your pharma brand. The industry is pretty rampant with Me Too brands, and in order to rank higher and gain more visibility, the brand must appear at the top of various types of searches.

The following are the key takeaways from the PharmaState Academy webinar:

●    Understanding the Life Cycle of Content

●    Acquiring the knowledge of google search heat map.

●    Creating SEO-friendly content.

Participants will be able to learn directly from the following speakers:

Sourav Das (CEO – MyRx) and Vivek Hattangadi (Chief Mentor – PharmaState Academy & Pharma Industry Veteran).

You can do free registration by clicking the link.

Pharma professionals who are interested in learning implementation of the latest digital technology in the pharma industry are welcome to attend.

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