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Rapid Changes in Pharmaceutical Training

Changes witnessed in Pharmaceutical Training

Pharma sector employs more than a million people and this number will surely increase in coming time. So it is essential to meet the Pharma industry workforce’s unmet training needs.

Classroom-based training is not always possible and involved lot of cost, an online training platform is the best option especially in today’s times. It will provide benefits to the Pharma firm workforce for the longer term. Some of them are given below:

  • Optimize trainer costs and time.
  • Launch product in different geographies in a very short period of time.
  • Review training assessment and curate content accordingly in the future.
  • The field sales team can access the training material from anywhere

Previously, a successful Pharma sales team contributes to the success of a Pharma company. But nowadays success depends on many factors like Medical Affairs and the MSL (Medical Science Liaison) efforts.

The requirement for MSL is always high on demand in any life sciences organization. They are the representatives of firms and play a very important role in building a solid network of hospitals, physicians and KOLs.

For MSLs to be a major contributor in the Market they are required to be equipped with a specific skill set along with their scientific profile.

Pharma firms can expand MSL capabilities by providing the right training materials like pharmaceutical online courses in response to the fast-changing Pharma landscape and enable them to become future-ready.

It is very important to consider train MSLs, especially in these Covid times. If they are not well-equipped with the latest training materials they might face a challenge in planning and implementing tactics for the company growth, understanding internal/external stakeholders and hit the ground running with a wealth of knowledge and best capabilities.

Why Online Pharmaceutical Courses for Pharma Workforce?

Pharma field sales team are now developing skills to communicate effectively with prospects or customers remotely via a digital mode of communication like video or phone to remain relevant and achieve success in the industry.

It’s very clear that in the coming time, organizations will opt for a hybrid model of customer engagement that includes both virtual and face-to-face. Also, Pharma students who are aspired to make a career in sales and marketing in Pharmaceutical Industry are required to acquire some soft skills, e-mail writing skills, public speaking, etc. for in-person and virtual meetings in the future.

Knowledge sharing, training, product demonstrations and workshops are all important for the whole Pharma Industry success. Any domain whether it is HR, Marketing, QA/QC or Branding, team members need to communicate and keep updated with the latest skills or learning and which is where online learning comes in.

Offerings online tutorials and webinars which facilitate remotely learning will enable organizations to upgrade their team skills.

Not only the Pharma industry but any industry if incorporate these practices will be identified as those who give support and value to employees during the tough phase of isolation or lockdown.

What Changes Pharmaceutical Courses will bring in your firm?

To cope up with the rapid changes, the Indian Pharma sector workforce needs to upskill or learn new skills. An online training platform will really help the Pharma sector workforce in addressing the fast-changing Pharma landscape.

Simplify Supply Chain

Coronavirus Outbreak had caused many changes like the way we meet, eat and even shopping and by the time the pandemic slowdowns, not sure whether these lifestyle changes will become permanent. But these habits are expected to enable the Pharma sector to thrive even after covid. To meet the growing consumer needs, some sort of digital training will help to accelerate or simplify supply chain processes to reduce the dependency on foreign countries.

Changing Healthcare Models

Govt. needs to adopt best business practices for increasing the production of Pharma products supplies. Also, the existing physical Pharma supply chain model needs to incorporate some physical and virtual models. To implement this Pharma workforce can learn new technologies or do online pharmaceutical courses. This will not only help them to upgrade skills but also enables them to streamlines the entire supply chain process and make futuristic healthcare models.

Get Notified by Getting Certified

To remain relevant in the industry and give tangible output, the Pharma sector workforce will have to actively take part in other areas of business. If they do a certificate course in pharmacy while being on the job it will help them to have some exposure and knowledge of some specific areas of Pharma business.

Impact of the pandemic on the Pharma industry

With the onset of the coronavirus outbreak, an increase in demand for medicine and healthcare products is highly witnessed. However, the supply of essential healthcare products was unable to address the increase in demand. But due to the pandemic, it also becomes one of the highly engaged sectors in the Indian Economy.

The Coronavirus Outbreak has also revealed few loopholes in the Industry – On-time availability of protective gear such as gloves, mask, equipments and inconsistency in messaging that left the public unsure about the right preventive measures and the right course of action, inconsistencies present in the supply chain that resulted in unplanned distribution of resources.

Later on, the Pharma industry has responded well with a sense of urgency and a unified effort was shown by this sector against the Coronavirus pandemic. Also, it has evaluated the best possible utilization of drugs for minimizing the effects of Coronavirus and speeded the clinical testing process.

The industry is working day and night to develop more effective Coronavirus vaccines, share resources and information with its peers and historical competitors. Former rivals in the Pharma sector are now working and moving forward together for the welfare of humanity.

The Pharma Industry has done all to control the Covid-19 pandemic. It is necessary to plan and implement best business practices. There is also a requirement of collaborative efforts in which industry experts and leaders practice knowledge-sharing and build a plan to anticipate such situations or eliminate the disease altogether.

As new Coronavirus variants are coming up, there is a need to develop new effective drugs by using the best international expertise that has abilities to treat any Corona variant.

In future, a few measures can be taken in response to the pandemic recurrence.

  • Lockdown or partial lockdown for a few days or weeks can reduce the use of healthcare facilities and services
  • Use and technical knowledge sharing on a fixed cost basis: It consists of epidemiological modelling, better responsiveness, at the national, state and district level intervention.
  • Promote financial aid and policies against the pandemic outbreak: It could include urban infrastructure investment for facilitating social distancing between people; more development in UPI based payments, providing sanitising and handwashing facilities.
  • Utilise all accessible channels:  As bilateral donors rely on a wide variety of networks, such as research institutes, civil society, NGOs, etc. It can be a groundbreaking entry point in distributing best practices.

Investment only in front-line workers will not enable us to become future-ready. Development authorities and co-operation should focus on strengthening the whole health sector system.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to the persistent efforts of the industry there is no shortage of essential life-saving drugs today. This reveals the resil       ience of the Pharmaceutical Industry to quickly make suitable adjustments in the supply chain of medicines to the public and fix its operation mode.

The Pharma sector played a major role in keeping the world economy running by developing Covid-19 vaccines and employing a large number of people. And for the betterment of Pharma workforce career advancement facilities like  Pharmaceutical online courses is always a wise choice.

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