Case Study: How to make good sales calls on Doctors – Using the concept of Elevator Pitch

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Doctor Category – High Priority on Call
Prescribing Potential – High
Problem Statement: Doctor X does not have much time for taking MR calls. How to make effective calls to Doctor X in 60 to 90 seconds.
Scenario: Doctor X is a Cardiologist & well respected in his community. He has been practicing cardiology since 25 yrs & has got a good pool of patients. The usual OPD goes around 120 patients per day & procedures also need to be done. Due to such a busy schedule he is not able to take out time for MR meetings even if he wants to. The cardiology being one of the topmost revenue stream for pharma companies, the Sales force which waits for making Calls on Doctor X is also big in number. Doctor X takes fixed number of calls but the time provided for discussion is limited.
Now as a Sales personnel, how can you make successful calls in just 1 to 1.5 minute?
Here are few Options that can be used. You can also mention your suggestions or any practical scenario related to this case, in comment section.

  1. Bring Value in Discussion: The doctors look for something of value in discussion whenever Pharma companies enter into their chambers. To bring value to discussion, try to bring some interesting data points for quick message delivery. For example, a statistical data explanatory line can be more important than speaking a paragraph for explaining the product.
  2. Using Elevator Pitch model: It’s a model which is used by many companies for pitching their business to investors. The time is usually a minute or so (The time taken to elevate the lift from 1 floor to another floor). So well defined 2 liners or 3 liners can be used to pitch the pharma product to the Doctor X. It requires good amount of thinking & preparation though.
  3. Using Digital medium for product detailing: The digital media gives quick access to information due to easy search. Keep the data & links to information ready so that it can be shown or sent to Doctors at the click of a button.

 Take away: Due to high work load Doctors don’t have much time to meet the Pharma companies personnel. Also, the number of Pharma companies have grown & number of Pharma sales personnel coming to make calls are high in number. Due to this there is very limited time available for Doctor – Pharma Company interactions. Due to this reason, its important to change the ways of interactions that has been happening since decades. Use of short one or 2 liner elevator pitch or digital medium for easy data explanation can be so handy to create a value in the interactions with Doctors.
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