SEFU – Scientific Event Follow Up Technique for Pharma Industry

What is SEFU?
SEFU – Scientific Event Follow Up is a concept designed by PharmaState for measuring the impact of scientific events/CME arranged by Pharmaceutical Companies for information & data dissemination to Doctors. With SEFU technique the data-driven decision making can be done, which has huge potential to save Costs born by pharma companies in arranging the Scientific events. The importance of SEFU lies in the fact that it is simple to implement but the data collected can be of great importance & there is a valid rationale for decisions taken on its basis.
Download detailed SEFU Document from Here: SEFU Technique
Why SEFU – The Need Gap:
SEFU Event assessment

  • Scientific Events are regularly arranged by Pharma Companies for knowledge enrichment of Doctors for better clinical decision making.
  • The cost of CME/Scientific Events is significant.
  • The Pharma Companies want to deliver scientific messages during these Events.
  • Post Scientific Event Impact Assessment is rarely done by Pharma Companies.
  • SEFU can be used to do the Impact assessment of these CME/Events & data driven decision making can be done.
  • As the future Scientific Events are moving to digital platforms, it will become mandatory to get in touch with Doctor & take feedback post event to understand the comprehension of scientific messages provided during the event.

Positives of SEFU (A Sales/Marketing team & Medical team Collaboration)

  1. Presenting company as science driven organization- Image building
  1. Scientific discussions will provide a differentiation to Sales team from other companies.
  1. Mix of sales call & scientific discussion is the future: medico-marketing/selling.
  1. During this activity scientific need of the HCPs can be assessed & fulfilled.
  1. Decision making for the future scientific meetings on the basis of data collected.
  1. Impact assessment of the format of the Scientific Event (RTM, EPM, Case Based Discussions, Symposia, Debates, Third party event etc.)


  • Tough to follow all attending Doctors
  • Need to be completed within 2 weeks post event or as early as possible.
  • Data Inputs & Analysis can be biased as it is more subjective.
  • Extensive Training on subject is required for SEFU Doer Sales Personnel. If there is lack of training on subject, proper insights become biased & incomplete.
  • Depends on the scientific orientation of company.

SEFU has a scope of implementation with every Pharma organization which believes in Scientific Data dissemination. With the Upcoming Regulations, UCPMP code of Ethics & Cost cutting Pressure from Industry, SEFU can be a handy tool to serve the Purpose. The Pharma Companies may use this concept by modifying as per their requirements.

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