Social media amangement for pharma companies

Social Media Management for pharma companies | Press Release

Press Release | Delhi | 26th August 2022


Social media is here! It’s not going away, not a passing fad. Be where your customers are: in Social Media.

Lori Ruff, Speaker and Author


PharmaState Academy, a learning and development platform for the pharmaceutical industry, conducted a transformative webinar for professionals, delivering vital insights  in learning about how to implement the latest digital technology in the industry. The fifth session of its digital tech in pharma series on the topic “Social Media Management For Pharma Companies” has been hosted by PharmaState Academy.

Social media is becoming increasingly important and influential in the pharmaceutical industry. The importance of social media in the pharmaceutical sector cannot be overstated. Not only are they a powerful tool for connecting with customers and a fantastic way to acquire new ones, but they are also one of the main platforms for enhancing brand recognition and positioning.

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Though PharmaState Academy has conducted several polls in the last week, when asked, “Do you believe Pharma Companies have truly realized and properly utilized the Power of Social Media?” With a more flexible response to option No than to option Yes. Additionally, the survey includes the final poll, “Would you like to attend a live interactive session on Social media Management for Pharma companies?” which earned 80 percent positive feedback for the learning webinar.


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The webinar featured Gauri Chaudhari (Healthcare and Pharma Brand Strategist) and Sourav Das (CEO – MyRx), and also included contributions from digital marketing professionals. Following a brief introduction by Dr. Swati Sinha, Gauri Chaudhari and Sourav Das led the webinar and provided some effective information about social media management for pharma companies. The webinar session focused on the belief that it is crucial for pharmaceutical companies to be active on social networks, with the appropriate tactics.


Even though Facebook has a large number of monthly active users, there seems to be little relevant healthcare content. Which technology is better suited for the prescription market?

The main factor influencing engagement will be the content’s relevance to the target audience. Instead of going with trial and error, it might be beneficial to get opinions from target audiences before starting this journey.


Similarly, during the live event, participants asked topic-related questions, and several interactive comments were gracefully acknowledged by both speakers, providing attendees with a profound understanding of the respective topic. The discussion also alludes to the fact that “the majority of people are on these platforms and use social media to get information, and there lies the importance of social media in pharma industry.


Gauri Chaudhari correctly pointed out that “Indirect digital marketing is something you should think about if you’re a market leader, significant player, or even if you have a mission and vision to be a market leader”. Furthermore, Sourav Das contributed to the session’s value by sharing advice on how to select the appropriate social media platforms and types of engagements for super specialty fields like neurology and psychiatry, pediatrics, gynecology, diabetic metabolism, and several others. Sourav Das also highlighted the 80-20 rule, which states: Inform, educate, and entertain but do not sell; instead, emphasize silent selling!


We don’t have a choice whether we DO social media, the question is how well we DO it.  

Erik Qualmann


The webinar addressed numerous additional digital technology-related questions pertaining to the pharmaceutical industry, reviving the thoughtful conversation with a transformation. Participants thoroughly understood the topic due largely to the session’s interaction.

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