The inspiration behind the book “H2H Marketing”

Have you heard about the book “Firms of Endearment” written by Raj Sisodia, Jagdish Sheth, and David Wolfe?

Firms of Endearment write the authors, are the ultimate value creators. They generate every form of value that matters: emotional, experiential, social, and financial. And they do so for all their stakeholders. Not because it’s “politically correct”: because it’s the best route towards a sustained competitive advantage – and ultimately, better profits.

The writers say that “you would love doing business with Firms of Endearment. Love partnering with. Love working for. Love investing in. These are companies for whom loyalty isn’t just a buzzword: it’s palpable and driving unbeatable advantages in everything from marketing to recruitment.” Your organization needs to become one of those companies.

The 21st Century is certainly The Age of Transcendence, as people increasingly search for higher meaning in their lives, not just more possessions. That’s another reason for Simon Sinek’s popularity who asks you to find the ‘WHY’ or the purpose of your existence.

The Age of Transcendence can transform the marketplace and the workplace. Increasingly, today’s most successful companies are bringing love, joy, authenticity, empathy, and soulfulness into their businesses: they are delivering emotional, experiential, and social value―not just profits. Tata Group and WIPRO are two such organizations in India that I know of.

It is apparent from my interactions with Philip Kotler which began exactly a year back, in March 2021, that Philip Kotler and his co-authors Waldemar Pfortesch and Uwe Sponholz are the evangelists of Human-to-Human Marketing or H2H Marketing.

H2H Marketing aims at gaining “share of heart,” not just share of wallet. It’s about aligning stakeholders’ interests, not just juggling them. It’s about building companies that leave the world a better place. Most of all, it’s about why you must do all this, or risk being left in the dust… and how to get there from wherever you are now.

Truly Philip Kotler, Waldemar Pfortesch, and Uwe Sponholz wrote the book “H2H Marketing” inspired by “Firms of Endearment”. 

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