The Race For Your Doctors’ Mind Share! “Understanding the digital gap- What Doctor wants & What Pharma Provides!” | Press Release

Press Release | Delhi | 29th June 2022

“By helping us to be more productive, technology lets us spend less time focusing on survival. And more on solving other challenges.”

Bill Gates

PharmaState Academy, a pharmaceutical industry learning and development platform, hosted a brainstorming webinar for brand managers, marketing managers, digital marketing managers, marketing heads, BU heads, product managers, group product managers, medical affairs, and pharma management professionals.  PharmaState Academy and  Docplexus collaborated to bring a live interactive session on ‘What doctors want and what pharma gives’- a race for doctors’ mind share, that will contribute to the discussion on comprehending the digital gap.

Dr. Karthik Anantharaman (Experienced Pharma & Medtech Professional) and  Mr. Salil Kallianpur (Digital Brand Coach, Pharma Industry Observer & Professor) were the speakers in the session, which was moderated by  Kumari Priyanka, Marketing Manager at Docplexus.

Dr. Swati Sinha welcomed the webinar speakers and moderator, as well as a full house of attendees. The event was attended by representatives from significant pharmaceutical firms. Time was extended for another hour due to in-depth discussions between the speakers and participants.

In the words of George Couros “Technology will never replace great teachers, but in the hands of great teachers, it’s transformational.” This was referenced again during the webinar by one of the speakers.

The channels of healthcare have undoubtedly evolved over the years, as Kumari Priyanka aptly stated, “Those who give outstanding client experiences in the world will punch through the digital constraints.” Dr. Karthik Anantharaman then began the discussion, emphasizing on various digital engagement potential for HCPs in mHealth and Connected Health.

Salil Kallianpur, the speaker, continued the topic by addressing a vital point: If you’re not completely confident about digital, wait till you are!

As the session’s moderator, Kumari Priyanka, began by asking about what doctors want, she later added, “How do pharma corporations cater to their digital demands if they are nonetheless tapping all doctors?” Salil Kallianpur went on to explain that while the organization has plenty of workforce, it’s all about “what we can do better,” and digital technology is needed since it broadens the scope of services.

One of the participants’ questions concerned the role of ROI and its application in digital initiatives. “Asking questions about ROI is great,” Salil Kallianpur retorted. “However, understanding ROI requires more than just focusing on sales. Knowing which component to evaluate at a time is crucial.” Dr. Swati concurred, emphasizing that the sooner Pharma recognizes this, the better.

The momentary impacts of the Q&A round resulted in a session that was rich in knowledge and lively discourse. The webinar addressed the disparity between what pharmaceutical companies offer and what doctors demand digitally, restarting the logical conversation with substantial change.

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About the speakers:

Salil Kallianpur, a health technology investor, mentor, and expert digital health coach with experience in emerging markets in Europe and India. He is acknowledged as a speaker and a thought leader in the pharmaceutical sector. Additionally, a highly insightful observer of the health industry who is well connected across industries in India.

Dr. Karthik Anatharaman, an experienced pharma expert and keynote speaker who has worked with numerous pharmaceutical businesses. Trained medical doctor responsible for the establishment of South Asia’s first patented primary care pharmaceutical brand.

About the Moderator:

Kumari Priyanka, Marketing Manager at Docplexus with over 8 years of expertise in Healthcare Sales and Marketing. In the pharmaceutical and medical industries, she is primarily concerned with creating community supporters and clients. She accepts the validity of science, technology, and data-driven marketing techniques.