Tips for a Skype/Video-Conference interview – You may be having one soon!

Do you know what has impacted the revenues of the Airlines Industry to the maximum or what has come up as biggest competitor? Any Guesses!
The answer is Video & Tele-conferencing.
Surprised!!! Yes, its true!
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The meetings for which the team has to travel to the Head office or at a Big Hotel in the center of city can be done at a click of a button. Video conferencing Group meetings are growing day by day & it is helping in cutting costs. This is the exact reason why companies are adopting Video conferencing model for meetings & interviews. One of the media that is commendable in this regard is SKYPE.
Skype provides high quality Video conference calls for businesses as well as for individuals. Candidates don’t require to travel to the heart of the city or Head office for the interview. Hiring is quicker and easy now.
Round 1. Telephonic
Round 2. Video conferencing or Skype interview
Round 3. HR call &you are done. Bingo! You are hired. Welcome on Board!tips 1 compress

Since the Skype interviews are on rise there is a need to keep ourselves updated and know few tips before going for a Skype interview. Important ones are…

  1. Be presentable: Earlier there were telephonic interviews only. Just get up, splash some water over the face, take tea and be ready to take the interview while in the bed itself. But with skype you can be seen & the type of speed now a day provided by broadband, the video quality is also perfect. So, the take away message is Be Presentable! Just be prepared as you do for a face-to-face interview.
  2. Check the extent of vision of camera: As it is the camera of your device that is going to bring the frame of video, do check the frame &extent of vision.
  3. Be at a silent place: Silence helps in focussing and aligning thoughts & that’s very much required for a great interview. Also, the noise of nearby surrounding like traffic create a lot of disturbance. So, invest a bit into instruments which have features of noise cancellation & good video quality.
  4. Keep pace with technology: Now-a-days, technology is driving everything. Be acquainted with all new video conferencing techniques. Always keep the Device updated so that there is no issue while connecting.
  5. Do a demo test with skype: Don’t forget to create your skype ID beforehand. Do check the test video with your skype ID with your family, colleague or friend. Do not do skype for the first time.
  6. User name: Keep a professional username. Don’t keep it funny  “Mr. Hitman”.
  7. Time zone: Keep your Device time zone similar to interviewer time zone. Sometimes you miss the interview due to this. Usually its fine but check it once to make sure.
  8. Prepare Well – The last advice is to prepare well. Don’t take the skype interview as fun. Most of the time skype interviews are final ones. So, prepare well for the same.

Hope these tips are helpful  in successfully going through a Skype interview, if you are going to face one soon.
All the best!
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