Top 10 Prescription Drugs 2021

This year Xarelto, a drug made by Bayer and J & J, was in 10th position. Till now, this Factor Xa Inhibitor pharmacological product sales was of worth $7605 million.
BTK inhibitor pharmacological class product – Imbruvica ranked 9th position. AbbVie, a maker of this drug, made $7607 million from this drug.
HIV INSTI/ NRTI/ NRTI pharmacological class drug –Biktarvy held 8th position in 2021. Gilead Sciences made around $8418 million worth of sales from this product.
J & J and Mitsubishi Chemical Anti – IL12/IL23 mAb pharmacological class product named Stelara ranked 7th positions. This year, a totals sale was around $8445 million.
Opdivo, an Anti-PD1mAb product, was in 6th position. Bristol Myers Squibb and Ono Pharm were the makers of this product. With this drug, both companies achieved sales of around $8759 million at this moment.
Eylea, an Anti-VEGF mAb pharmacological class product, had secured 5th position. This drug was the combined effort of Regeneron, Bayer and Santel Pharmaceutical. This year from this drug, total sales of $8872 million it brought.
Eliquis, a Factor Xa Inhibitor product, ranked 4th position. Bristol-Myers, Bayer-Squibb and Pfizer were the producers of this drug. $10546 million of sales were made from this drug till now.
An Immunomodulator pharmacological class product named Revlimid held 3rd rank. Bristol-Myers and Bayer-Squibb were the drug makers and around $12710 million of sales this drug brought.
Merck’s Keytruda – Anti-PD 1 mAb product was in 2nd rank. In 2021, the total sale was $16825 million as of now.
Humira, an Anti-TNF mAb product of AbbVie/Eisai, ranked 1st position. Till now, the total sale was $19963 million.

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