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Pharma Brand Management LevelUp Workshops - worth Rs. 22000/- (Starting from 21st Aug)

Pharma Brand Management
LevelUp Workshop

From Basics to Advanced

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3


Total: 9 sessions (Sessions will start on Sundays 11:00 AM IST onwards).

Level 1: The Basics of pharma brand management – 21st & 28th Aug 2022

Level 2: Excellence in pharma brand management – 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th Sept 2022

Level 3: Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning – 13th, 20th & 27th Nov 2022

Instant Access to high-value On-demand courses worth Rs. 33979/-

Bonus access to 12 On-demand courses worth Rs. 12000/- from Vivek Hattangadi
(will be uploaded in due course as & when uploaded)

1. The Future Of Brand Management Is Human-Centric
2. Holistic Brand Management
3. Brands and Strategic Management Focus
4. Brand Activism
5. Are you an Inside-out Brand Manager or an Outside-in Brand Manager?
6. What Pharma Brand Managers Must Always Remember?
7. Value Proposition of a Brand Through Co-creation with Patient
8. Responsibilities and Accountability at Various Levels of Brand Management
9. Credibility and Trust – The Lifeline of a Brand Management Leader
10. Can Padocumers Fast-track Phygital Transformation in Pharma?

2 half-an-hour Live One-to-One Interaction with Vivek Hattangadi.

One-to-one session will have interaction of learner with Vivek Hattangadi where learner can discuss about career, doubts or any other queries related to Pharma Marketing.

Exclusive Learning Group

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Frequently asked questions

Membership is a package in which you get lot of learning courses at much economical price & most of the time payment option of installment is available.

This is one time payment for getting access for all the content for 1 year. After 1 year, in case you want to access these courses, you need to renew the membership.

Yes, you can cancel it anytime. Once you cancel the membership, the future payment is not required.

No, once you make the payment, the refund is not possible & you can utilize the services for the duration of payment. After that you can cancel the membership & no more payment is required.

On-demand courses include the per-recorded lectures of educator while live interactive sessions are the trainings in which educator takes the online live sessions via interactive modes of communication.

This means that the all upcoming on-demand courses of educator are added to this package whenever that is uploaded to the site.

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What our learners Say

"Firstly this was a whole new experience for me. every course was interesting and full of learning. Blue Ocean strategy just opened my eyes"
Arman Kabir Sadaf
"Something new content I received in terms of learning and felt obliged also because session seems practical content and I connect myself with brand also. Thanks"
Nidhish Gaurav
"Session was good. I love the style he teaches, and looking forward to attend more sessions in upcoming future."
Sandesh Kharde
"Sessions are very much realistic, need based & value adding. Mr. Vivek' s presentations are really appreciable".
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Session Details

• Ice breaker
• Corporate Case Study
• Roles, Responsibilities and Accountability

Brand Strategy Diagnostics

  • Assess your strategy through the self-assesment metrics if the strategy is strong, mediocre or weak.

*The metrics has been specially designed by Team PharmaState Academy

• Case Study
• Brand Plan
• Brand Building in the 21st Century

• Case Study
• Strategy
• Go-To-Patient Strategy
• Tactics

• Case Study
• Medico Marketing copywriting
• Story telling
• Hands on practice as assignments

• Incessant Prescription Fact-finding (Pravin Virkud)
• H2H Marketing Patient-centered approach in Marketing

  • Case Study
  • Patient-centered approach in Marketing

• Case Study
• STP – Part 1

• Case Study
• STP – Part 2
• Valediction & Certification

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