Why doctors are averse to ‘New Products’?

Case Study – Why doctors are averse to ‘new products’?

 Praveen and Naveen, the brand managers at V & V Pharmaceuticals were discussing the launch of new pharma products in India.

 A leading consulting physician Dr. Raman Nadkarni had told Praveen: “I am really bored when a medical rep comes and tells me that he is introducing a new product. Frankly, there is nothing new in the product. A new product, in reality, is a similar product, introduced by similar people and similar companies, using similar strategies and tactics. I keep my ears and brains shut and only my eyes open just to show courtesy to that innocent medical representative who is only doing what has been told by his brand manager.”

“Yes, Praveen. I do empathize with Dr. Nadkarni. We need to do something about this. A product may be new for you or me or for our company. But for doctors, it is “ditto”. We try to put a new spin on an old product. In reality, it may be the 150th brand of vildagliptin or the 700th brand of rabeprazole. Doctors are averse to frequent launches and frequent meetings with the medical representatives.”

“Yes Naveen, Covid-19 has given us a novel opportunity which can truly engage both the doctors and the medical representatives, like phygital launching, using omnichannels.”

“Yes,” agreed Naveen, “today, doctors are not bound to a single channel, platform, or medium. Doctors are there everywhere. They will read physical magazines, visit a range of websites, and visit the social media, including those meant only for doctors like Docplexus or Docquity”.

“True,” said Praveen, “omnichannel aligns content delivery across various marketing channels to provide seamless and consistent content experiences to doctors. Let us learn how to launch a new brand phygitally.”

What is Phygital Marketing?

Phygital is blending digital experiences with physical ones.

Phygital is a charmed marriage of the physical and digital worlds.

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