Expanding Horizons: Digital Content Strategies/ Initiatives in the Pharmaceutical Marketing Universe Blog

Expanding Horizons: Digital Content Strategies/ Initiatives in the Pharmaceutical Marketing Universe

This blog unravels the expanding horizons of Digital Content Strategies in Pharma Marketing at The Now & Next Summit 2023.

In this dynamic panel discussion, industry experts delve into the ever-changing landscape of pharmaceutical marketing, emphasizing the pivotal role of digital content in shaping strategies. The esteemed panel includes Mr. Abhishek Sawant – AGM – Digital Wockhardt Pharmaceuticals, Mr. PAWAN V. KULKARNI – General Manager – Corporate India Business JB Pharma, Miss Siji Nair Kaul – Head of Marketing Women’s Health Bayer Zydus Pharma, Miss Ankita Wadhwa – Head of Digital Practice Orange Health Digital and Mr. Shailendra Tripathi, Head of Marketing Dr Reddy’s Laboratories.

Here’s the discussion –

1. Adapting to the Digital Shift: The discussion commences with a focus on how brand managers and marketers in the Indian Pharma industry must pivot their approaches to align with the digital era, recognizing its transformative potential.

2. Omni Channel Marketing: The concept of Omni Channel marketing takes Centre stage, underscoring the power of tailored messaging across diverse platforms. This approach ensures that communication remains consistent while resonating with distinct audience segments.

3. Empowering Customization: Omni Channel marketing empowers marketers to create distinct audience sets and customize messaging to cater to individual preferences. This enables a more personalized and engaging interaction with the target demographic.

4. The Art of Storytelling: The panel highlights the significance of storytelling in pharmaceutical marketing. By leveraging engaging narratives, brands can effectively communicate complex scientific information, making it accessible and relatable to patients and healthcare professionals alike.

5. Compliance and Credibility: The importance of adhering to regulatory and legal guidelines is underscored. Ensuring that marketing materials are backed by robust data and evidence not only adds credibility to the organization but also safeguards against potential risks.

6. Patient-Centric Approach: Amidst the evolving strategies, the need for patient-centricity emerges as a crucial theme. The panel emphasizes the importance of placing patients at the forefront of marketing efforts, aligning with a holistic approach to healthcare.

7. Balancing Digital Outreach: While digital platforms offer a wide reach, the panel discusses the nuances of reaching healthcare professionals (HCPs) versus patients. Strategic approaches must be employed to effectively engage both audiences, considering their unique preferences and behavior.

8. Leveraging Augmented Reality: The potential of augmented reality in simplifying complex medical concepts is highlighted. Visualizing physiological changes and drug mechanisms can enhance comprehension, benefiting patients and healthcare professionals.

This insightful panel discussion navigates through a spectrum of topics, from digital transformation and training to patient-centricity and real-world evidence. The conversation promises valuable insights for industry professionals, equipping them with the tools to navigate the dynamic landscape of pharmaceutical marketing. 

Panel Highlights –

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