Pioneering Possibilities: Insights from The Now & Next Summit in Pharma Marketing by Pharmastate Academy Post event blog

Pioneering Possibilities: Insights from The Now & Next Summit in Pharma Marketing

Post-event Press Release November 01, 2023 – The Westin Mumbai Garden City, Goregaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra

“Your vision becomes clear only when you know how to look into your dreams.”

We at Pharmastate Academy are dedicated to fostering wisdom and knowledge, as we are ready to support your journey into the pharmaceutical domain. One of our notable achievements was the ‘Now & Next Summit in Pharma Marketing,’ held on October 28, 2023, at The Westin Mumbai Garden City in Goregaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra. This event has generated significant interest among professionals in pharma marketing and leadership.

The summit’s primary objective was to offer valuable insights from experts in the pharmaceutical industry on various crucial topics, including healthcare advancements, the role of technology in pharmaceutical marketing, digital content strategies, AI and data analytics, patient-centric approaches, real-world evidence, and the Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023. 

The summit commenced with a warm welcome address by the emcees, Sameer Hussain and Swetanshu Subhrajit. A ceremonial lamp lighting took place, symbolizing our commitment to the pursuit of knowledge and understanding.

Dr. Swati Sinha, CEO of Pharmastate Academy, expressed her deep appreciation and delivered a sincere welcome address to the organizers, partners, volunteers, and contributors. The event proceeded as follows:

1) Paradigm Shift in Healthcare, The Perspectives

The summit commenced with an insightful discussion on the paradigm shift in healthcare. The panel featured distinguished leaders such as Suresh Pattathil, Managing Director & General Manager of AbbVie India and President of OPPI, Jasdeep Singh, Chief Strategy Officer at Cipla, and DR. UDAY PAI, a prominent Clinician, Researcher, and Strategist, offered valuable insights. Topics included the transition from illness to wellness, the growing acceptance of digital healthcare solutions, and the infusion of technology into pharmaceutical marketing.

Complementing these perspectives were Hariram Krishnan, Mentor, and Executive Coach, and Dr Ashok Kumar Bhattacharya, PhD ( HC ) , MLE Harvard Square, a Global Healthcare and Pharma Consultant and Former Executive Director at Takeda Pharmaceuticals India Pvt. Ltd . Their insights enriched the discourse on the evolving healthcare landscape.

Under the skillful moderation of Prashant Menon, an Executive Leadership and Team Coach, the session delved into innovative ideas and set new industry horizons. This robust exchange of ideas underscored the summit’s commitment to driving healthcare innovation and shaping the future of the sector.

2) Unlocking Knowledge: The Dynamic Link Between Technology, Science, and Pharma Marketing

The discourse seamlessly shifted to the interplay of technology, science, and pharmaceutical marketing, illuminating the dynamic relationships among these pivotal elements. Notable contributors to this panel included Venugopal Vijayendran, President of India Business at Intas Pharmaceuticals, Sourabh Agrawal, Senior Vice President at Lupin Ltd, and Sumeet Chandna, Partner in Strategy and Transformation at Health Sciences EY Parthenon, Harsh Nagpal, Head of Product Management & Marketing at Wolters Kluwer India, and Alhad Mahajani, VP of Marketing at Zuventus Healthcare Limited. The panel shared their substantial perspectives, offering a holistic view of the subject. Zena D’souza, a former Pharma Marketing Consultant with experience at Sun Pharma, Glenmark, IPCA, and Emcure, served as a distinguished moderator, guiding the discussion.

The collective discussion not only enlightened but also motivated participants, emphasizing the necessity for a flexible mindset in the pharmaceutical marketing landscape. The discussion also underscored that a hybrid model, combining digital and physical elements, is the way forward in the dynamic world of pharma marketing.

3) Expanding Horizons: Digital Content Strategies/Initiatives in The Pharmaceutical Marketing Universe

Since the world is dynamic and there have been constant changes in the way we design strategies to execute them, it is important to keep everyone updated with the latest digital content strategies and initiatives to keep up with the pace of the market. Every member of this panel brought their distinct viewpoint to the table. PAWAN V. KULKARNI, General Manager – Corporate, India Business JB Pharma, Siji Nair Kaul, Head Marketing, Women’s Health Bayer Zydus Pharma, and Shailendra Tripathi, Head Marketing Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories generously shared their key understandings, opening up new vistas in the dynamic world of pharmaceutical marketing. Their contributions were not only informative but also inspirational, reminding us of the endless possibilities that lie ahead in this ever-evolving field. Also, the insights and knowledge of Ankita Wadhwa, Head of Digital Practice Orange Health Digital played a valuable contribution, shedding light on innovative approaches to digital content strategies within the pharmaceutical marketing landscape. Abhishek Sawant, AGM – Digital Wockhardt Pharmaceuticals moderated this panel and contributed well to this discussion.

4) Exploring The Future of Healthcare Technology: Key Trends Pharma Should Embrace Including AI And Data Analytics

In our pursuit of a healthier tomorrow, exploring the future of healthcare technology is imperative. This panel exclusively discussed the future of healthcare technology including AI and Data Analytics.

Atul Suri, Senior Vice President & SBU Head of Alembic Pharmaceuticals Limited, Dr.Jagmohan Singh RISHI CEOs COACH, Global Head of L&D-Coaching and digital Customer Experiences at Wockhardt Ltd., Aneesh Mitra, Sr. VP at SMSRC, and Director at Medclin Research, and Synaegis and Vikram Kumar, CEO Multiplier AI joined this panel. Guiding this thought-provoking conversation was Nivedita Parulekar, a Pharma Marketing Strategist with extensive experience at Sun Pharma, Merck, and Abbott. Her wholehearted moderation ensured that this discussion left a substantial impact.

5) Improving Access to Information for Patients: Why Decision-Making Is Shifting to Patients?

This panel delved into the transformation of patient decision-making, highlighting the shift toward patient-centric information access. It was an eye-opening discussion, showcasing how patients are taking control of their healthcare choices. Dr. Dhara Shah, Head of Medical Affairs Viatris, India, and Vijay Charlu, President of Corona Remedies skillfully highlighted the evolving landscape of patient empowerment and the critical shift toward patients having greater access to information. Rajesh Khanna, Business Head of Lupin Digital Health, and Kiran Das, Director of International Business Pulse Pharmaceuticals reminded us of the evolving dynamics in the healthcare industry and the pivotal role of patient-centric approaches in shaping its future.

Sudip Sinha CCRA DTM PMP, Senior Vice President – Operational Excellence & Quality Evolve Life Research, Ex-Indegene served as the moderator of this panel and played a pivotal role in the quality of the conversation.

6) How To Leverage Real-World Evidence (RWE) From A Medical Perspective to Support Marketing Efforts in the IPM?

This panel discussion shed light on the power of RWE to strengthen marketing initiatives within the pharmaceutical domain. It was a dynamic conversation that unveiled new avenues for enhancing marketing strategies in the industry. As Dr Monjori Mitra, Professor Paediatrics, Institute of Child Health, Kolkata & Research Director Medclin Research communicated their distinctive beliefs during this panel, Dr. Krishna Chaitanya Veligandla, Cluster Head Medical Affairs Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories illustrated his exceptional views. Chaitanya Golikere, Director of Synaegis Healthtech also delivered his unique interpretations. While Zena D’souza, acted as the moderator for this panel, her relentless dedication to panel moderation significantly shaped the discussion.

7) The Digital Personal Data Protection Act, 2023 & Its Implications for The Pharma Industry

The 2023 Digital Personal Data Protection Act had the pharmaceutical industry buzzing with anticipation. Tanisha Khanna, Senior Member, Technology and Data Privacy Practice Nishith Desai Associates – Legal & Tax Counselling Worldwide, and Varsha Rajesh, Member, Pharmaceutical, Lifesciences and Digital Health Practice Nishith Desai Associates – Legal & Tax Counselling, were a part of this panel. Their insights increased our grasp of data protection and emphasized the importance of compliance and its broad implications for the pharmaceutical sector. These speakers developed in us a strong understanding of the shifting legal framework in our digital age, as well as the need for pharmaceutical organizations to adapt and preserve sensitive information. Sourav Das, Founder and CEO, MyRx moderated this panel by delving into the relevance of the DPDP Act 2023 concerning the Pharma Marketing domain.

Interactive Learning and Rewards

At the Now & Next Summit in Pharma Marketing, we spiced up the event with engaging quizzes conducted after each panel discussion. These quizzes were tailored to the panel’s topic, adding an element of fun and learning. Participants used their smartphones to scan a QR code and join in. The winners were rewarded with stylish smartwatches, making the event both informative and entertaining.

Valediction and Conclusion

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to our emcees. It is remarkable how they were able to engage and attract audience members with such grace and clarity in their speech. Their confident stage presence put everyone at ease and added to the event’s overall success.

The summit ended with a heartfelt vote of thanks by Dr. Swati Sinha, CEO of Pharmastate Academy. Her words left a lasting impression, emphasizing the value of collaboration and the promise of a brighter future in the pharmaceutical industry. At the same time, the second edition of the summit was also teased!

Event highlights:

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