How to leverage real-world evidence (RWE) from a medical perspective to support marketing efforts in the IPM? blog

How to leverage real-world evidence (RWE) from a medical perspective to support marketing efforts in the IPM?

This blog explores the leverages of real-world evidence (RWE) in the realm of Pharma Marketing at the Now & Next Summit in Pharma Marketing 2023.

In this engaging panel discussion, esteemed experts delve into the vital role of real-world evidence (RWE) in driving success in the pharmaceutical domain. The session sheds light on how calculated risks and creative communication are imperative for success in this dynamic industry.

– The panel is graced by eminent speakers including Dr Monjori Mitra, a distinguished pediatrician, and vaccine research pioneer, Mr. Chaitanya Golikere, a seasoned professional with over 25 years of marketing and sales experience, and Dr. Krishna Chaitanya Veligandla, a distinguished expert in medical affairs with over 13 years of experience.

– Ms. zena D’souza, a seasoned marketer with 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, and business planning, moderates the panel. Her diverse knowledge in medicine and doctor specialties makes her a valuable addition to the discussion.

– Dr. Mitra emphasizes the significance of generating real-world evidence and shares insights from her extensive career in pediatric research. She highlights how RWE has become an invaluable resource for pharmaceutical marketing, especially in the context of integrated product management.

– Mr. Golikere brings a wealth of expertise in marketing and sales, providing valuable insights on how RWE can be strategically utilized to boost marketing efforts. He underlines the importance of scientific-based approaches in pharma marketing, emphasizing the need for skillful interpretation of data for effective communication.

– Dr. Veligandla, with his extensive experience in medical affairs, provides enlightening perspectives on the scenarios where RWE proves to be a prototype for product performance information (PPI). He stresses the importance of generating new evidence for established products and highlights how RWE can be a game-changer in understanding patient outcomes.

– The panelists collectively emphasize the crucial role of trust in collaborations between healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical companies. They emphasize the long-term benefits of relationship-building over immediate returns on investment. The discussion concludes with a call to action for the industry to prioritize the generation and utilization of real-world evidence to drive success in pharmaceutical marketing.

This insightful panel discussion provides valuable takeaways for professionals in the pharmaceutical industry, underscoring the pivotal role of real-world evidence in shaping marketing strategies and ultimately improving patient outcomes.

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