Improving Access to Information for Patients: Why decision-making is shifting to Patients? blog

Improving Access to Information for Patients: Why decision-making is shifting to Patients?

This blog disentangles the Improving Access to Information for Patients and Why decision-making is shifting to Patients at The Now & Next Summit in Pharma Marketing 2023.

The fifth panel, focused on improving patient access to information, is introduced, with Dr Sudip Sinha moderating, joined by Dr. Dhara Shah, Mr. Vijay Charlu, Mr. Kiran Das, and Mr. Rajesh Khanna as panelists, and Sudip Sinha CCRA DTM PMP as the moderator of the panel.

– Mr. Kiran Das shares valuable insights, emphasizing the significance of disease awareness, product availability, and ethical collaboration with doctors for patient-centricity.

– Mr. Rajesh Khanna underscores the critical role of Pharma companies in collaborating with healthcare professionals and advocates for increased disease awareness and therapy options communication.

– Mr. Vijay Charlu sheds light on the importance of feedback from healthcare professionals, highlighting the need for trust, concise communication, and the value of disease awareness.

– The discussion touches on patient expectations, discharge processes, and the evolving role of Pharma in empowering patients in their healthcare journey.

– Dr. Dhara Shah adds a perspective on patient-centricity, stressing the need for active listening and empathy, ensuring that patients feel heard and understood.

– The panelists agree on the need for balanced information dissemination, cautioning against unrealistic patient expectations, and advocating for clear communication between Pharma companies and healthcare professionals.

This insightful conversation delves into the transformation of healthcare decision-making, placing patients at the forefront, and ultimately empowering them in their healthcare journey. The panelists’ collective expertise highlights the pivotal role of trust, empathy, and informed communication in improving patient access to vital information.

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