Motivation or hygiene factor

Motivation Factor or Hygiene Factor? Part -1

Written by: Zena D’souza

Never mistake the second one for the first!

The two are as diverse as chalk and cheese. Let us take a classic scenario – A scenario that most of us have been a part of.  A person – let’s call him ‘X’ was recruited in a large firm and was made part of a high delivery team. He performed well, handled pressure effectively (as per his superiors), was a team player (as per his peers), and was slated to have a good future in the company. 

A year later he resigned. It comes as a shock and surprise to top bosses, his colleagues, and his juniors. Discussions start happening with Mr. X and also without him. Coffee conversations are all about why should a person who has bright future prospects ever think of leaving. When asked Mr. X gives a cryptic reply – ‘I wasn’t happy’. This further adds fuel to conversations with questions being thrown back and forth – ‘Wasn’t he happy with his increment this year? What more did he want? How much more will he get at another place? ‘It’s a good organization – salary comes on time and incentive pay-outs happen within stipulated time too. 

Mr. X has his farewell and joins another firm. A couple of months later he meets up with his ex-colleagues in the evening. Conversation happens around what’s happening and eventually leads to – Bro, why did you leave? – Ab toh sach batade 😊

Here is what Mr. X says – Guys, I was earning good money, and the incentives were good too but I was never made to feel part of the team, my ideas were never even discussed, if I slipped up by even a little, I was belittled in front of all. Not only that but my appraisal was all about the increment I was going to get – not one word about how my career would shape up and what more I could be doing to move ahead and take higher responsibility. 

That’s what brings me to the title of my blog – Motivation Vs Hygiene. Many of us including me might have taken up a job looking primarily at the pay packet but the reason for staying back has never been only money – Attitude of superiors, culture of the company, how you are treated when one of your decisions does not yield desired results, clarity about your growth, clear feedback about improvement areas and ways to do it as a team, job security, training and upgrading of skill sets (Making employees future ready) and team dynamics (camaraderie between colleagues) – all these and more are the true motivational factors.