Online Pharmacies – Good or Bad! (Survey no. PSS/012019001)

PharmaState Survey on Online Pharmacies.

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Nowadays, there are many online pharmacies operating in India.

To understand the impact of these stores on pharma professionals and doctors, PharmaState surveyed the opinions of as many as pharma professionals and doctors. There were 186 participants in this survey. We had sent an online questionnaire to these professionals and made no alterations in their responses.

Below given are the survey questions along with the answers for you.

Do you think the online Pharmacy Model is a good way to increase the accessibility of Medicines?

Slightly more than half of the respondents answered no, with 36 per cent reported yes to this question’s answer. On the other hand, 7.5 per cent of the participants were not sure whether online pharmacies could increase the accessibility of medicines.

Is this true that the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940, Drugs and Cosmetics Rule, 1945 and Pharmacy Act, 1948 does not allow online sale of medications?

On this question, 55.9 per cent of the participants reported yes as an answer. 23.7 per cent said maybe, and 20.4 per cent responded no.

What may be the biggest reason for the success of online pharmacies in India?

When this question came up, 48.4 per cent of the surveyed said it is because of heavy discounts. However, 25.3 per cent also said that patients opt for online pharmacy stores due to ease of medicine order and delivery. Very few responded that heavy marketing by online sellers enabled success. Only 9.1 per cent of professionals reported free home delivery, and those who said chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes lead to repeat orders, was also 9.1 per cent.

Do you think Physical Pharmacy stores sales will be impacted due to online pharmacies growth?

A large per cent of respondents said yes in response to this question. It was around 70.4 per cent. Only 19.4 per cent said no, and 10.2 per cent responded maybe.

Do you think online pharmacies increase the chances of fake/expired/unapproved medicine delivery to patients?

To this question, 60.2 per cent said yes. In addition to this, 18.3 per cent reported maybe.

Do you think banning online pharmacies will be a good option?

On our last question, 58.1 per cent responded yes, and 33.3 said no. Out of all the participants, 8.6 per cent of those surveyed answered maybe.

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