The Veterans' Perspectives: Exploring the Shift in Healthcare Blog

The Veterans’ Perspectives: Exploring the Shift in Healthcare

This blog delves into the key insights and perspectives from renowned veterans at The Now & Next Summit in Pharma Marketing 2023.

“The participation of today’s leaders in educational and learning programs shapes the budding talent for a better tomorrow.”

The first panel at the Now & Next Summit featured prominent figures from top pharmaceutical companies. These include Mr. Prashant MenonDr Ashok Kumar Bhattacharya, PhD ( HC ) , MLE Harvard Square, Mr. Suresh PattathilDR. UDAY PAI, Mr. Hariram Krishnan, and Mr. Jasdeep Singh. Each panelist brings a wealth of experience and expertise in various aspects of the pharmaceutical industry.

The discussion shifts towards the evolving landscape of leadership within the pharmaceutical industry. It emphasizes the importance of being proactive and wellness-driven. The panel underscores that modern leadership dynamics are now more purpose-driven, proactive, and responsive, and leaders are displaying greater vulnerability, which is fostering improved trust within teams and organizations.

The panel also highlights adaptive challenges in leadership, such as addressing generational changes, language and communication barriers, and the evolving needs of people within the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. It is noted that the industry has been gradually incorporating digital technologies, with a growing convergence between digital innovation and healthcare.

Digital interventions are making a significant impact across the pharmaceutical value chain, from drug discovery to clinical trials and manufacturing. Artificial intelligence and big data are playing pivotal roles in expediting drug discovery and clinical trial processes. Additionally, digital technologies are crucial in quality management, supply chain, and product integrity within pharmaceutical manufacturing.

In the marketing space, digital interventions enable high-quality virtual meetings, scientific programs, and multichannel marketing. Telemedicine is gaining prominence, providing patients with enhanced care and effective condition management. The digital healthcare market in India is rapidly expanding, offering substantial opportunities for the pharmaceutical industry.

The panel emphasizes that innovation is the cornerstone of success in the pharmaceutical sector, not only in drug discovery but also in organizational management and collaborative efforts. It is suggested that building regulatory corridors can attract capital for innovation and expedite the approval process. Furthermore, medical tourism can serve as a source of capital and promote innovation.

To conclude,

companies are advised to focus on shaping the market by identifying key leverage points and ensuring their representatives understand the purpose behind their activities. Patient-centricity is deemed crucial, and the industry is encouraged to foster collaboration among healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical companies, diagnostic firms, and patients. A deep therapy presence and a patient-centric model are identified as vital elements for the industry’s future, with a focal point on the continuum from awareness to wellness.

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