World Pharma Brand Managers Day 2023: Empowering Patient-Centricity in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Press Release | Delhi | 25th January 2023

PharmaState Academy, a learning and development platform, hosted a three-day event “WORLD PHARMA BRAND MANAGERS DAY” with the goal of continuing the vision of excellence for the pharma industry on the 13th, 14th, and 15th of January. This event was held to perpetuate the memories of Prof. Chitta Mitra and Prof. Tarun Gupta, as a true tribute to their “Good Marketing Practices” teachings. World Pharma Brand Managers Day 2023 enriched the pharma world with rich discussions and presentations from industry experts on the latest trends and developments in the pharmaceutical industry.

The 3-day event featured 38 speakers, had over 2000 registrations, offered 14 hours and 13 minutes of learning time, and received 2786 views on social media platforms during these three days.

Day 1 of the WORLD PHARMA BRAND MANAGERS DAY 2023 began with an inspiring keynote address from Dr. A.K. Azad Khan, hailing from Bangladesh and is acclaimed internationally. Chinmay Mitra, son of the late Prof. Chitta Mitra, officiated at the event. Shazia Sheikh was the event moderator for the day.

  • Mr. Alhad Mahajani intrigued the audience by explaining the patient’s persona and a new approach to patient-centricity.
  • The day continued with a presentation by Dr. Debasis Basu, who highlighted the correlation between poor oral and dental hygiene and diabetes. 
  • The panel consisted of young and upcoming brand managers from Bangladesh. This panel was chaired by Mr. Bhupati Roy.  The audience listened intently to the specific problems encountered by patients in three disease areas viz. diabetes, arthritis, and acid-peptic disorders. The audience also got a glimpse of the role and importance of caregivers-at-home during the patient journey. 
  • Through these interviews and discussions, the brand managers in Bangladesh and India realized that they must listen to the ‘Voices of Patients’ and use these insights to differentiate their brands.

They also concluded that the ‘patient-centric approach’ will be the future of marketing in the pharmaceutical industry. The audience was left with the impression that the future of Bangladesh and Indian Pharma Marketing is in very safe hands.


Day 2 of the World Pharma Brand Managers Day 2023 was dedicated to academia, specifically pharma B-school students and their teachers.

The day began with a presentation from young Aneesh Mitra, the grandson of the ‘Father of Brand Management’, on how to leverage prescription data for a patient-centric approach in marketing. The presentation was well-received by even the most experienced pharma marketers. 

This was followed by a panel discussion on “E-commerce initiatives in pharma retailing: A step towards the benefits of patients” led by students and hosted by Gourvi Kumari. They debated the pros and cons of e-commerce in the pharma supply chain system, highlighting how it can benefit patients by overcoming geographical limitations. Sourav Das‘ guidance enriched the student panel discussion. 

The third session, “Patient-centric approach in the pharmaceutical value chain: from drug discovery to market/drug commercialization,” was led by Dr. Sandeep Narula and other eminent personalities in the academic field and discussed the importance of incorporating patient perspectives and needs into the entire process of drug development and evaluation. The audience was left truly enlightened by both the students and their teachers, and the PharmaState Academy is considering having special sessions to delve further into the topics discussed.



The third and final day of the World Pharma Brand Managers Day 2023 was a valuable experience for all in attendance.

The event was inaugurated by Sanjoy Mitra, PhD, and featured keynote addresses from Sanjiv Navangul and Dr. Banshi Saboo, who spoke about the social role pharma companies can play in preventing prediabetes from becoming diabetes. The final day’s discussion was steered for the day by Dr. Swati Sinha and Zena D’souza.

The event featured snippets of patient interviews, esteemed panelists, and enlightening conversations on the topic of patient-centricity in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Patient videos on four different medical conditions, including diabetes, gynecology, dermatology, and cancer, were shown.
  • The panelists emphasized the need for marketers to take the patient into account while preparing brand plans, and to shift their focus from what they want to what the patient needs.
  • They also highlighted the growing importance of patient engagement, particularly given the increasing use of digital media by patients and in marketing.

The World Pharma Brand Managers Day 2023 offered insightful information and discussions on the topic of patient-centricity in the pharmaceutical industry. PharmaState Academy is planning to listen to more voices in the industry by scheduling a WPBMD-2024 and paying tribute to pharma legends Prof. Chitta Mitra and Prof. Tarun Gupta.

Recordings of the discussions are available and those who are interested in earning a certificate can enroll in a course>

Special thanks to all of the speakers and panelists,

Event director- Vivek Hattangadi (Chief Mentor at PharmaState Academy)

January 13th:

Discussion on patient centricity- Chinmay Mitra (MD – C MARC)

Discussions on “Delaying pre-diabetic persons from becoming diabetics”- Prof. Dr. A K Azad Khan (Chairman- IDF’s South-east Asia region & President- Diabetic Association of Bangladesh), Dr. Debasis Basu (Consultant in Internal Medicine and Diabetologist)

Introduction to Patient-Centered Approach In Pharma Marketing- Alhad Mahajani (VP Marketing, Zuventus Healthcare Limited)

Chairperson- Bhupati Roy (Executive Director Marketing at Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Limited)- enlightening on the patient-centered approach topic

3 Therapy Areas Patients Pain-points Videos and Panel Discussions-

Diabetes Panel Discussion- Abida Tisha (Executive, CBM, Nuvista Pharmaceutical Ltd), Dr. Yusha Islam (Executive – Medical Affairs, Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Limited)

Arthritis Panel Discussion- Animesh Pal (AVP – Sales and Marketing Bioiberica SDN), Taniya Idris (Marketing & Sales Manager (Specialty Care) at Sandoz Division, Novartis Bangladesh Ltd.), Sharaban Tohura (Senior Assistant Manager, Renata Limited)

Acid Peptic Disorder Panel Discussion- Marita Fyroz Ahmed (Senior Product Executive, Nuvista Pharma), Mir Arshiya (Key Product Manager, Eskayef Pharmaceuticals)

January 14th:

Discussion on topic- Leveraging Prescription Data for Patient-centric Approach in Pharma Marketing- Aneesh Mitra (VP, Strategy at SMSRC & Group Companies- Medclin & MedSign)

Student Panel Discussion on the topic: E-commerce initiatives pharma retailing: A step towards the benefits of patients

Smit Bhavsar (NMIMS, Mumbai), Karuna Sathe (NMIMS, Mumbai), Pankhuri Kapoor (NMIMS, Mumbai), Trishank Gupta (Jamia Humdard, Delhi), Shashank Shekhar (Poona College of Pharmacy, Pune), Vaishnavi Gadi (NMIMS, Mumbai)

Mentor to the student panel- Sourav Das (CEO- MyRx)

Faculty Panel Discussion on the topic: Patient-centric approach in the pharmaceutical value chain- from drug discovery to market/drug commercialization

Dr. Atul Nasa (Head of Office, Drugs Control Department), Dr. Tanjul Saxena (Consultant – META AIDE), Dr. Sandeep Narula (Director, SPP SPTM, NMIMS University, Mumbai), Dr. Sunil Kanvinde (Associate Dean, SPTM, Shirpur campus), Sanju Yadav (Business Consultant, Pharma Sales & Marketing)

January 15th:

Discussion on Prescription Data Insights and Patient Centricity- Dr. Sanjoy Mitra (MD – SMSRC)

Keynote Address- Sanjiv Navangul (Managing Director & CEO – Bharat Serums and Vaccines Limited)

Discussion on Topic: What the medical professionals say “As a social cause, how pharma can help to delay the prediabetics from becoming patients with diabetes”- Dr. Banshi Saboo (International Diabetes Federation (IDF) Chair-elect for South East Asian 2023-2024)

4 Therapy Areas Patients Pain-points Videos and Panel Discussions-

Diabetes Panel Discussion- Dr. Ashok Bhattacharya (Global Healthcare Consultant) Shashin Bodawala (Expert – Go To Market, Business Excellence & International Business) Alhad Mahajani (VP Marketing, Zuventus Healthcare Limited)

Gynaecology Panel Discussion- Sharique Khan (Senior Vice President at Ar-Ex Labs), Siji Nair Kaul (Head Marketing-Bayer)

Dermatology Panel Discussion- Hariram Krishnan (Mentor & Executive Coach, Former MD – Galderma India), Sankar Dass (Former CEO of Curatio)

Cancer & Depression Panel Discussion- Dr. Ulhas Ganu (CEO, Advisors in Medico-marketing & Management), Vivek Sharma (Training Lead at AstraZeneca Oncology) Vivek Hattangadi (Chief Mentor Enablers & PharmaState Academy), Amaninder Dhillon (Pharma Consultant)